BSU Back to Hosting In-Person Events

Parker Kelley

After being restricted to only online events in 2020 and this past spring, the Black Student Union (BSU) is reinvigorating Concordia University Chicago’s social event calendar.

“We hosted a few events last year,” said BSU president Jaylen Tucker, a junior. “I didn’t really like the online events because there wasn’t too much interaction.”

On the evening of Saturday, Oct. 30, BSU hosted a “Bringing Back the 90s” event in the South Gymnasium. The BSU hosted a previous Halloween party in 2019, but due to the pandemic, the club couldn’t continue the tradition in 2020.

“We were just trying to have a stable event for the BSU,” said Tucker. “It has been a few years since that has happened, so it was definitely time for another one.”

Students were encouraged to wear 1990s attire. In addition, the BSU provided pizza and drinks. “We figured since it is Halloween, and people like to dress old-school, why not do a 90s theme?” said Tucker.

The Halloween party was not the only event hosted by BSU this semester. The club hosted an intramural flag football game on Oct. 17 in Cougar Stadium. BSU also hosted a movie night on Oct. 5 showing the premiere of the new rendition of the horror film Candyman, written by Jordan Peele.

“These events really emphasize the black culture,” said BSU vice president Jaylen Glass, a junior. “Our events are not only fun and entertaining, but they actually teach you something about our culture as well.”

The BSU’s multiple in-person events have made a positive impact on campus life at CUC. “Last year, I tried joining BSU, and it was kind of weird due to COVID and everything,” said sophomore and current BSU member Martin Egbo. “However, the meetings and events that I have gone to this year have been really fun, and I have gotten the chance to meet a lot of new people.”

The organization, which has 55 members, has also worked diligently to ensure that their activities feel inclusive. “The first thing I do is I always say these events are open to everyone and the public,” said Tucker. “These events are not just for the BSU, but for the whole campus.”

For example, the BSU often coordinates with the Latino Student Union (LSU) to put on bigger social gatherings. “We do partner with LSU a lot,” said Tucker. “I talk to their president quite a bit, and we brainstorm ideas for upcoming events.”

Check out bulletin boards around campus and your inbox to find out about upcoming BSU and LSU-sponsored activities.