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Students Utilize Abundant Study Spaces On Campus

Julian Perez
(Left to Right )Junior Clark Stutsman, and sophomore Elijah Kohlmeier, doing a creative writing assignment in the Klinck Memorial Library on Dec.12.

During finals week, campus is busy as students prepare for exams or wrap up final projects.

The library is more crowded than usual with students taking advantage of the quiet atmosphere. The Victory Lounge is constantly buzzing as students take a break from homework to converse with friends. CULearn is filled with groups working on projects in the study rooms. With so many spaces available on campus students must decide where to spend their time doing homework, because each spot has something different to offer. 

While the library is an obvious choice for studying and doing homework, many people have specific locations within the library where they enjoy doing their work. 

“I love the long table in the library basement because it is nice and secluded so I won’t be distracted by people walking by,” says junior Olivia Hitz. “It’s a very cozy area and makes me feel nostalgic because it reminds me of my library back home.” 

Junior Clark Stutsman values different locations in the library for different assignments. When he wishes to be alone, he works on the second floor because it is often quiet and few people are usually up there. If he wants to be with friends, he goes to either the large table by the windows on the second floor or the large table on the main floor in the middle of the library.  When he writes papers, he stays on the first floor because of the proximity to materials for research. 

“I’ve always felt like libraries are a place of knowledge and learning,” says Stutsman, who is also a library employee. “There are so many resources in the library, and I can find everything I need there.” 

The Commuter Lounge is a popular spot for commuter students. It is located near the ramp that leads to the Lib Cafe, and has comfortable seating options as well as a TV and a coffee maker. Because of its close proximity to the library, the Commuter Lounge is a convenient nearby alternative. 

“I love doing my homework in the Commuter Lounge on the weekends because nobody is there,” says graduate student Niki Park. 

The Victory Lounge is another popular location, one that is more conducive to conversation and collaboration. Though all students have access to this space, it is especially convenient for those living in Trusheim, Mary-Martha, and Concordia Halls because it is attached to these dorms. The space is filled with booth style tables as well as other tables and comfortable seating, a TV, and a printer.

“I love the Victory Lounge because I prefer to study in an active environment where there are other people around,” says junior McKenna Stanley. “I love the community that Concordia embodies, and I feel like this is a place that truly promotes community especially in the evening study hours.”

However, some assignments are easier to do than others in a space like this. 

“If I’m just working on homework or reviewing an assignment I like the Victory Lounge for the social aspect,” says Stanley. “However, if I’m writing an essay or really wanting to focus while studying a concept, I like CULearn.” 

CULearn is located on the second floor of the Christopher Center. Peer tutoring is available there, as well as the writing center. The space is filled with natural light from floor to ceiling windows, and has many tables and updated group study rooms available. 

“If I have a serious project or assignment due, I’ll usually head somewhere by myself to focus, like CULearn,” says sophomore Lily Seifferlein. “I appreciate that it is a space all about working. There won’t be people casually walking through or just hanging out-only people focusing and getting work done.” 

Sophomore Joey Shubat is a resident assistant, and enjoys the quiet environment his dorm room provides. 

“I do most of my work in my room, because being an RA has allowed me to have my own personal work space and there are no distractions,” said Shubat. “However, when the weather’s nice I love writing papers outside.” 

Though it’s too cold during the winter months, when it is warm and the sun is out, many students like to take advantage of the outdoor study spaces. There are picnic tables in Zoar Plaza and in front of Addison Hall, and some students hang hammocks on trees.

That may be comfortable in April, but during this Fall’s rainy and cold finals week, most Concordia students hit the books indoors.

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