Campus Activities Board Spreading Love this Valentine’s Day


Zahra Sammour

CUC students hosting the Campus Activities Board candy gram event on Monday, Feb. 14. Clockwise from left: freshman Ethan Ruttenburg, sophomore Juliette Lawson, junior Corrie Hager, junior Amanda Thieme, and senior Tabitha Mucci.

Zahra Sammour

Candy grams returned to Concordia University Chicago this year just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Last week, students purchased one or more candy grams for $1 each, to be sent to anyone they wanted. After receiving an e-mail notifying them about the surprise, recipients could pick up their candy grams on Feb. 14 and Feb. 15 from the Campus Activities Board table by the stairs in the Koehneke Community Center. 

The heart-covered baggies, filled with chocolates, bubble gum, and lollipops, came attached to individually crafted Valentine’s Day cards. Messages on the cards included creative puns such as, “Olive you,” “I’ve taken a Viking to you,” “I donut know what I’d do without you,” “I like you a latte,” and “You’re one in a melon.”

The cards were designed by CAB students. “It’s a group effort,” said junior Corrie Hager, the CAB president. “A lot of the cards were made by our old president a few years ago and the rest of them were made by me.”

In 2021, the CAB ran the annual event virtually, using a Google form for sign-ups, Hager said. Candy gram recipients could pick up their candy grams on campus, or have them mailed to their home.

“Helping out with the candy grams was a great experience because it’s fun and a simple way to spread love across the CUC campus,” said senior Tabitha Mucci. “It takes us back to when we gave out Valentines when we were kids.”

Event coordinator Juliette Lawson, a sophomore, enjoyed spending time with other CAB members and interacting with students passing by in the KCC. “It was cool to see everyone getting ready for Valentine’s Day,” Lawson said.

The candy gram event also raises money to sponsor future CAB events, such as an upcoming craft night.

“It’s basically just a couple of hours where we’ll have a bunch of craft supplies set up,” said Hager. “We are partnering with Art Club, and will have canvases, paint, coloring sheets, slime-making, and other super fun crafts.”

The craft night will take on Feb. 22 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in KCC room 10.