Making the Best of the Situation

Written by Arius Gatson

The COVID-19 has become a pandemic for the entire world. From people being laid off from work, schools being shut down, stores being closed, etc., this has become a literal nightmare. As for college students, this has taken a turn for the worst. 

There were so many events that students were looking for during the rest of the semester. Due to COVID-19, many of those events have been canceled or postponed. Two main events that students were looking forward to were Spring Formal and graduation. Although graduation isn’t completely canceled, it’s postponed until further notice.

Unfortunately, more events were canceled, but these were the top two events students were looking forward to. During this pandemic, students must learn how to cope with being quarantined, online classes, cancellation of events, and being laid off work (if they had a job). With all this happening, there are still ways that individuals can make the best of this.

While being quarantined, students can take the chance to spend more time with their families. Although many students would rather be on campus with their friends, this would be a great opportunity for students to make up the time with their family from being away. There are many great ideas that families can do together. One idea, in particular, would be game night. Game night would be a fun, interactive, and competitive experience. There could be some arguing involved, but it would still be a fun night with your family. In addition to spending more time with family, students can also take the time to learn a new skill. Due to the pandemic, students have a little more free time (if they’re not working). Learning a new skill can be fun as well as beneficial. Since students aren’t returning to campus for the semester, this would be a great idea. Practice makes perfect, and with the quarantine, A LOT of practice can be done.

During the pandemic, students, faculty, staff, the community, etc., still must take precautions. Keeping faith in God, doctors, nurses, etc., will help get us through this tragedy. Soon enough this will be over and we’ll be back to our normal lives.