This is Not the Time to Wait and See

By Jordan Mann

The election is over. What is happening now cannot be attributed to “campaign rhetoric.” The direction of the administration of President Elect Donald Trump can be seen by his appointments. The most glaring, Stephen Bannon, the man who turned Breitbart News into the mouth piece for the Alt-right.


As described by the Southern Poverty Law Center:

The Alternative Right, commonly known as the Alt-Right, is a set of far-right ideologies, groups and individuals whose core belief is that “white identity” is under attack by multicultural forces using “political correctness” and “social justice” to undermine white people and “their” civilization. Characterized by heavy use of social media and online memes, Alt-Righters eschew “establishment” conservatism, skew young, and embrace white ethno-nationalism as a fundamental value.

The Alt-right is a dangerous collection of organizations and individuals. These nouveau racists are often better educated, more articulate and more affluent than traditional hate groups like the KKK and the American Nazi Party. They are often subtle, do not be fooled, their goals are the same.

This is no time for silence

The rhetoric of the campaign, the post election rhetoric, and the actions of the future Trump administration have emboldened the racist element to come out of the closet. The continued rise in reported hate crimes must be stopped. This is not the time to wait and see what happens. This is the time to let all our elected officials and the world know, the American people will not sit idly by while our fellow citizens, citizens of color, Muslims, Jews, the LGBTQ community and all women are denigrated by the new and traditional white supremacists.

Speak up today; you may not have the opportunity tomorrow.

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