Films at Lake Theatre are Free on Mondays for CUC Students


Darryl Nathan Speed II

The marquee sign outside of Lake Theater located at 1022 Lake Street in Oak park displays current movie showings.

Darryl Nathan Speed II

Classic Cinemas Lake Theatre has opened up their seats to Concordia University Chicago students every Monday.

Currently, the students of CUC are always welcome to come to the Classic Cinemas and enjoy a movie, but what makes it so special about this fantastic offer is that not only are the movies and seats great, we are also given a full 100% free movie. 

“The theatre has gained more attendance on Monday’s from Concordia students” said the manager Sara Smith. 

While being a student here, I have been able to see a bundle of movies and enjoy the pleasure of going to see movies  with my friends.

“Free movies are wonderful and should be free more often than on Monday,” said sophomore James Morris. I’m not from here and back home we do not have free things like this, especially the movies. 

Now it is never a time where we think about where we were a year ago and what major events happened on the earth. COVID-19 brought the joy of going to the theatres and interacting with others.

“I feel as if the aftermath of COVID-19 made a lot of streaming platforms make a lot of money and then for movies we have it all on a app,” said freshman B.J. Pitts.

Smith wanted to do something for the community of River Forest and then to be blessed with a college campus filled with the young minds of today.

“People were slow to come back to the theatre and it was hard not having a lot of business,” said Smith. “As time went by, we made adjustments to bring people back to the movies.” 

As we get back to reality and everything opens up, online and streaming app business such as Netflix or Hulu and even the ones that grew through the year and that is Twitch. It is the youth of today that relied on those types of apps and is what made it hard for the movies to still be in business. It can end up to be a battle for theatres around the world because of all these platforms that are free to watch in the comfort of your home. 

“I really prefer watching movies at home and on apps than going to the movies,” said sophomore Travon Thomas. “It saves gas, and then with all that is on television these days from YouTube to Hulu, why leave?”

This partnership with Classic Cinemas and the CUC Cougars is very impactful for students who are not from these parts, While most theatres would give students discounted tickets, Classic Cinemas makes a better offer of free tickets.

On Sept. 19, Morris, Thomas, Pitts, and sophomore Babajide Akinola took in two free movies at the Lake Street Street Theatre: Spider-Man: Far From Home, and the horror movie Smile. “Being from out of town, in Georgia we do not have the ability to see the movie for free, ” said Morris. “We get a discount when we show our school IDs and pay ten dollars for a movie, which is not bad. But being completely free is crazy to me.” 

Although it was on a Monday and everyone would have class or if there is a sport they would have practice but then others would gain the time and take the risk to go see a free movie on Mondays and would say it was 100 percent worth it in the end.