CUC Seniors Share Their Favorite College Memories


Vicky Carrasquillo

Graduation for the Class of 2021 is right around the corner, and soon the Concordia University Chicago community will say goodbye to the seniors. 

There are so many memories that have been made on and off-campus that will be cherished forever, from freshman orientation to the last days of learning at home. Some of the graduating class shared their favorite memories from their time as CUC students. 

“On April 18, I was awarded the title of Legacy Leader at the Golden Paws Leadership Award celebration,” said Antea Pela. “The Legacy Leader award recognizes a graduating Concordia University Chicago undergraduate student for their leadership, reliability, overall excellence, service, and passion for CUC during their academic career. Nominations included information about the nominees’ involvement, roles held, accomplishments, what impact they have had on the Concordia community, and what legacy they are leaving. Although it was a virtual celebration, it did not make it feel any less special or memorable. I was the most touched by my nominator’s words; she recognized my drive to not only be involved but to inspire others to get involved and be passionate leaders as well.” 

“My favorite memory at CUC was when we first came to CUC and we all spent like the entire weekend together before the upperclassmen came for Weeks of Welcome,” said Tmilore Adeeyo. “We really got a taste of college life. It was one of the most fun times I’ve had on campus,” said Tamilore Adeeyo. 

Sports are also a big part of the CUC community. Whether you play for a team or are a fan in the bleachers, it is a way for students to come together and develop a sense of community. It’s an opportunity to see classmates play, display school spirit, and hang out with friends who enjoy the same sport as you. While the pandemic has changed what sporting events look like now, these memories can give us hope for a return to the usual liveliness at events like these soon.

“In my junior year, we hosted CIT [the Concordia Invitational Tournament], and as a member of the women’s basketball team, it was amazing to see our gym packed with fans and have so much support,” said Kayla McCloud. “No experience like playing in a gym was so loud we could barely hear our coach. We got to see our gym branded with banners and logos and really show our school pride. It seemed like it was a time where everyone was so happy and so proud to be at CUC. I know that whenever I look back on my college experience, I’m going to remember the pure happiness and pride that everyone in that gym felt.” 

“My favorite CUC memory has to be playing against my sister in conference,” said women’s soccer player Cecilia Kochanek. “My team played IIT, so I was able to play against my sister for the first time ever. We tied 2-2.”

While the virtual year has taken us away from fun events and each other, the memories made throughout the course of our CUC journeys will always be a part of us. Even the memories made during virtual learning will forever be a part of the experience.. As the next chapter starts, we’ll take what we learned here with us, and we’ll always have our memories and our cougar pride.