College of Arts & Sciences Newsletter – Fall ’20


Concordia University Chicago

Photo Credit to Concordia University Chicago Facebook Page

The College of Arts & Sciences came out with their Fall 2020 semester newsletter. There are many special and important things happening in these departments this semester.

Mathematics Professor Astrida Cirulis has been elected as Community College/University Director on the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics board (ICTM). The ICTM also accepted Professor Cirulis’ presentation about elementary preservice teachers and Math Practice Standards for their annual conference. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, the conference has been postponed to a later time. 

In the Art Department, Game Art has recently been approved as an official major by the Higher Learning Commission. Professor BettyAnn Mocek has also exhibited her work around the Chicagoland area. You can view her work at Stola Contemporary Art Gallery in Chicago, and the Highland Park Art Center in Highland Park. Adjunct Professor Jennifer Mannebach showcased her exhibition at the 2020 Evanston Art Center in Illinois.

In the English Department, Distinguished Professor David Rogner has published texts of two hymns that are now a part of a group of newly commissioned catechetical hymns. 

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has chosen some of Distinguished Theology Professor Andrew Steinmann’s bird photos to be added to the Macaulay Library. They will also be used as displays showcasing different species of birds. They will also be on various bird sites. Go to to view the photos that were selected. Make sure to pick Golden-Olive Woodpecker as the intended species.

The IEEEXtreme 24-Hour Programming Competition took place on October 24th for our Computer Science Department. CUC had to defend their 1st place title from last year. Despite the pandemic, the Computer Science Department still trained for the event. They took home the top three places amidst other Chicagoland universities. 

In theater, Dr. Jason Narvy and Professor Susan Ericsson have teamed up to create Measure, a short film that both the communication and theater departments have been working on. This collaboration is a first for CUC. The film is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure.

Professor Stephanie Stroud has recently acted in Winston-Salem State University’s Search for Wachovia by Professor Andre Minkins. The play is about South Carolina’s history of German church settlers. Professor Stroud is also currently directing CUC’s SINGULAR/PLURAL which will be available online sometime in November. 

In the Music Department, the Wind Symphony, Kapelle, and the Chamber Orchestra are still all currently practicing for their ‘home concerts’ that will be available to stream. Professor Jonathan Kohrs published four choral anthems this past summer, and Professor Jonathan Stahlke featured new music, created by his composition students, that was a part of the Student Composer Recital that took place on October 1st. 

In Communications, Professor Thomas A. Salek will virtually present his competitive paper at the National Communication Association. The Spectator is also celebrating its 95th birthday on November 5th. You can view current and past student’s work here on The Spectator website, or our Facebook page: 

There are so many things that have been achieved here at CUC so far this year, and we are so proud of all the students and faculty’s accomplishments!


By: Vicky Carrasquillo