The Summer Send-Off Quarantine Activities List

Examples of ways to decorate and make a pet rock. Photo credit to Super Simple (

Written by Mattie Rametta

Examples of ways to decorate and make a pet rock. (Super Simple,

With summer coming up and quarantine extended, one might find themselves with a lot of free time. This could be filled by sleeping in, watching Netflix, or starting a new hobby. But if one are wondering what’s out there to do and how do you know if it’s something you’ll like or want to do…well, there is plenty of time to figure it out. Below is a 50 list of things that one can do, while we are doing nothing:

  1. Learn a new language
  2. Learn how to play an instrument
  3. Garden
  4. Make a quilt
  5. Start making Youtube videos
  6. Learn how to cook
  7. Bake bread
  8. Make cupcakes for essential workers
  9. Write a novel
  10. Write poetry
  11. Rollerskate
  12. Skateboard
  13. Start a blog
  14. Start a new skincare routine
  15. Start doing yoga
  16. Get fit
  17. “Marie Kondo” your house
  18. Organize your room
  19. Learn how to do makeup
  20. Learn how to do a French braid (hair)
  21. Learn how to do a Dutch braid (hair)
  22. Learn how to do acrylic nails
  23. Make a blanket scarf
  24. Write a play
  25. Fix the thing(s) in your house that you’ve been putting off
  26. Paint your house
  27. Paint
  28. Draw
  29. Make Pottery
  30. Make the TikTok Whipped Coffee (Dalgona coffee)
  31. Start “TikToking” (making TikToks)
  32. Become an Instagram influencer
  33. Make your own jewelry
  34. Make a skirt
  35. Learn how to crochet
  36. Learn how to knit
  37. Camp in your backyard
  38. Give yourself bangs
  39. Dye your hair a fun color
  40. Learn to write with your nondominant hand
  41. Learn origami
  42. Make tie-dye t-shirts
  43. Learn how to weave a basket
  44. Start a virtual book club
  45. Birdwatch
  46. Make a pet rock
  47. Draw a comic
  48. Start a podcast
  49. Read the classics
  50. Learn a TikTok dance

Whatever one chooses to do, make sure it’s something one enjoys. In times where the world doesn’t make sense, there are ways to find security in the hobbies or activities that one does. Once all of this is over, these new skills learned during quarantine can help in the future as part of an employable skill or as a party trick for friends. Stay safe and have fun.